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I use Dr. Gordshell's for eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, and chronic pain. I have six types of arthritis. Believe me, anything having to do with arthritis or an open's very good, trust me.

B.F. of Baltimore, MD

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This is a really neat product. Natural, pretty cheap and effective.

S.S. of San Antonio, TX

My Grandmother always had a jar of Dr. Gordshells salve on hand when I was a child. I happen to see it at the checkout counter. My back was hurting last evening, so I rubbed some on my lower back. I have Degenerative Disk. I would guess fifteen minutes went by. I actually had relieve from my back pain and was able to sleep well through the nite. I will always have Dr.Gordshell's salve on hand. In my seventies now. Thru him and [Gordshell's] I can get relieve. I do not take pain meds for my back. This morning back still feels great.. God Bless

C.H. of Detroit, MI

I have been looking everywhere for Dr. Gordshell’s drawing salve.  I was raised on this stuff and my mother swore that it kept my father who was a diabetic from losing his foot.  He had stepped on a nail at work and due to the numbness associated with diabetes didn’t even feel it.  It became infected by the time he finally noticed it and his doctor was extremely worried.  My mother used Dr. Gordshell’s salve on his foot and the infection went away.  His doctor was amazed.

Thanks! C.B. of Newark, DE

Some years ago my father brought home a case of your drawing salve.  To date we have never found a better ointment.  Nothing else heals cuts, scrapes, burns, etc. as quickly.

T.B. of Redondo Beach, CA

I actually started using the skin cream recently because I have a few pimples on my face.  After I started putting the cream on my face every night before I went to bed, I would wake up the next morning with smaller pimples and now they have disappeared.  I love your product and encourage customers to buy your products.

Same with my sister, I actually bought the skin cream just for her.  She has worse acne than I do.  Her face is starting to clear up and she loves it.  She tried using pro-active, but that just made her face worse.  But she is using your skin cream and her face is improving a lot.

A.L. of Independence, MO

I heard of Dr. Gordshell's Cream by eavesdropping. I was standing in line at my bank, and there were two men in front of me talking about some kind of rash that one of them had had. I listened because I have skin problems, on and off, i.e., seasonal skin irritations, menstrual-related acne, etc. The other man (the one without the rash) told his friend (I guess they knew each other but maybe not) to try Dr. Gordshell's Cream because he swore by it. I went home and searched the Internet, and Thank Goodness the Internet corrects possible spelling errors because I heard the name all wrong -- I thought it was Dr. Godel's or something ... but finally the correct spelling appeared. I purchased a 1 ounce jar of the vegetarian formula from another company (it was all they offered), and I have really enjoyed using it, not just therapeutically, but as a general all-over moisturizer.

M.M. of Las Vegas, NV

I can offer my customers something good, effective and unique to this area.  (Perhaps I should let you know I'm a Baltimore gal originally and used your salves and know how good they are!)

N.F. of Easley, SC

My late grandmother considered this salve to be a necessary item in her medicine chest, so it is almost a family tradition, which I would like to acquaint my children with!

E.S. of Elmira, NY

Having prescribed 'Dr. Gordshell's' for more than 40 years, and having knowledge of [it] for more than 50 years, I wish to say that I have found it an excellent preparation in the treatment of Boils, and similar eruptions. We have sold it in our drug store for the past 50 years, and have had good reports of its effects. I write you this letter, feeling the physicians should be more thoroughly acquainted with its merits.

R.S.,M.D. of Baltimore, MD

My daughter has had psoriasis and eczema on her foot since she was about 3 years old. She's 14 years old now. We bought Dr. G and have been using it for about 2 months. It's completely gone! It's gone. The bumps, the's like her regular skin now.

A.B. of Baltimore, MD 

I use Dr. Gordshell's for eczema, psoriasis, arthritis, and chronic pain. I have six types of arthritis. Believe me, anything having to do with arthritis or an open's very good, trust me.

B.F. of Baltimore, MD

I used Dr. G on my head for a bump that was there for two weeks, after trying a Dermatologist's medicine that did not work. After one day of using Dr. G, the bump had dried up...gone.

D.C. of Baltimore, MD