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FAQs - Gordshells

Absolutely! The formula and its process are unchanged from the way it was handed down to us over six years ago from the family that made it for several decades prior to that.

Absolutely! Since the FDA no longer regards it as a "drug", the wording on the label had to be modified. However, you may use it with confidence. Dr. Gordshell's is still highly effective in resolving all of the skin issues it has become known for over the decades.

There's nothing wrong with either jar. Dr. Gordshell's is still produced almost entirely by hand, as it was by its originator in the late 1800's. We use the actual whole herb in our formula. As a result, the amount of particulate may vary from jar to jar. However, if there doesn't appear to be any visible particulate in your jar, rest assured all is well. Within the manufacturing, as the herbs are added into the batch, they begin "steeping" if you will, infusing their medicinal qualities into the base ingredients. So, whether you see the little dark specks or not, your jar of Dr. Gordshell's still comes with a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction!

Suffice it to say, the long history of Dr. Gordshell's unparalleled efficacy and customer satisfaction is all based on the Original formula. That being said, since its introduction in April of 2008, the Vegetarian version has been well received and amply reported as effective by our clients that are sensitive to animal-based ingredients. The only difference between the Vegetarian and the Original is the substitution of lard for shea butter. All the other supportive ingredients and active herbals are the same in both versions. In the final analysis, the Original outsells the Vegetarian 2 to 1 (even in health food stores).

Not at all. As mentioned in the answer above, Dr. Gordshell's is still produced almost entirely by hand, as it was by its originator in the late 1800's. The green that the salve has come to be known for over the decades, is added by hand, not machine. As a result, some variation in the shade of the cream may occur.

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